Our Blend: Blanqueta and Villalonga

In Spain there are more than 200 varieties, of the 23 major cultivated in Spain, 6 are in the valencian: “Villalonga”, “Blanqueta”, “Farga”, “Serrana de Espadán”, “Changlot Real,” and “Alfafara”. So that, each type of olive gives their oils taste and aromas.

In the current market, we can find two types of olive oils: the so-called single-varietal and the designated blends or blend. The difference between these two lies in the fact that the single-variety containing a single variety, while the blends or blend is made up of two or more varieties. In this last case, you get a unique flavour and aroma, benefits of the nuances that brings each type of olive.

Below, we will talk about the two varieties that make up our extra virgin olive oil-Promise Blend:


The variety Blanqueta original Muro d'Alcoi in the comarca of Comtat, is grown in this region and in LAlcoià (Alicante), in La Costera, Canal de Navarrés, and Vall d'Albaida (Valencia), occupying surfaces above 60% in any of these regions; it also extends to other regions of the Community in the lower half, being very rare cultivation in Castellón. 

It is also known by the names of ‘White’ and ‘Blancaleta’, denominations, makes reference to the whitish color of the fruit during the enverado.

They are oils that stand out for their high-fruity, intense, spicy and important bitterness.

Olive Blanqueta


The variety Villalonga native to the south of Valencia, is the most widespread throughout the Community and the most international of our native varieties, as it also appears in Portugal and in Italy. It is grown mainly in the province of Valencia and to the north of Alicante, and more dispersed in the Castellón.

It is known by the synonyms of ‘Manzanilla’, ‘Manzanella’, ‘Manzanet’, ‘Way’, ‘Sparta’, ‘Orxana’ and ‘Ramellet’. Not to be confused with the ‘Manzanilla Sevillana’, a variety of table andalusian which are not cultivated in the Valencian Community.

Allows to obtain extra virgin of intense fruity, with a stinging and bitter light. Also highlighted by notes of fresh cut grass, almond and apple.

In short, to check the organoleptic characteristics and sensory detail, I invite you to degustéis our extra virgin olive oil - Promesa Blend.

Olive Villalonga