Extra virgin olive oil: An ally in the fight against breast cancer

The olive oils are essential in the Spanish life and culture. We love its flavor. Their healthy properties have benefits in our body. In addition, it conceals many healthy properties are numerous studies that confirm the positive effects of its consumption.

For example the study of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where the Multidisciplinary Group for the Study of Breast Cancer in the center began to study the effect of fat intake in the development of breast cancer. This study shows how the regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil may slow the progression of this type of cancer. In addition, tumors are less aggressive. In fact, the scientists suspected for years of that relationship, which would explain why the incidence of this type of cancer is significantly lower than in the Mediterranean basin than in other countries.

The research has involved the collaboration of the Inter-branch of the Spanish Olive Oil, and has shown that the extra virgin olive oil is of great help against this disease through various and complex mechanisms, among which is its inhibitory action pathways of proliferation of tumor cells and inducing their death.

According to their research, the consumption of about three tablespoons per day is linked to a 30% reduction in the risk of heart disease and mortality due to cardiovascular in collective risk who follow a Mediterranean Diet.

Another study, this time by professor of Biochemistry, University of Zaragoza, Jesús de la Osada, points out that the extra virgin olive oil contains a component, hydroxytyrosol, which has an antioxidant power even above that presents the vitamin E.

In short, the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a multitude of benefits for our health. For this reason and because of its taste, it introduces the olive oil in your day-to-day!